About us

Our story began on opposite sides of the world, yet it seems that we both had the same author writing the story of our lives. Both of us are proper farm girls, who love nothing more than being bare foot and adventuring.

Both of us motivated by the same dream to move to London and make a little something of ourselves and our biggest shared passion, food. We couldn’t be more different. Lara, the passionate Brazilian, OCD and nerdy to the bone yet strangely spontaneous given her love of details.

Charley, a lover of impromptu accents and a good laugh, yet matronly strict.

But we seem to have met our matches in each other and the result has been phenomenal. Growlers is the collaboration of these two cray cray personalities – it is bringing together countries, character, passion and an incredible amount of love for that damn glorious food.

We hope you love what we do. Come pop in, grab a Prego, listen to some good tunes and continue the collaboration.

Love Charley and Lara